Magical Monday Covers

So, I decided to try to post a cover every Monday done uniquely with violin, voice, delay/loop. It's great for me, because it's a challenge to do the songs this way (namely by myself). I'm hoping it's great for you too, because it's a song hopefully you know and love, but done in an entirely new way you've never heard before. My latest song is Wind of Change by the Scorpions. I wanted to post this for German Unity Day, but I missed it by over a week. Still working out my grasp of the technology on the recording side of things, but I'm hoping to get that mastered pretty quickly.
This song about change is much needed today, and I think back to how powerful that time was in terms of the optimism for peace, unity, brotherhood, etc. We feel very far away from that again, and we could use some inspiration now. I hope you like my use of violin, voice, and delay/looping pedal to make an abbreviated cover of this song (this is a long song!!!).
If you're interested, I use a Realist pickup, and a TC Electronic FlashbackX4 for the delay/loop. The violin is plugged into my Roland Mobile amp. I recorded the chords changes for my violin solo in advance.


My first video was a little more simple. I just used my phone and posted it on YouTube. Being that it was the last week of September, I decided to do September by Earth, Wind, and Fire. I imagined this being more of a whimsical, nostalgic remembrance of first meeting your true love and reflecting upon that meeting years later. Special gratitude for the contributions of the late, great Maurice White who passed away from Parkinson's disease beginning of this year.


Also, as a special bonus you can see my daughter Gabriela tear it up on the microphone with my setup!


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