My first blog on BandZoogle

I want to welcome you to the site if you're just checking it out! Thanks for giving it a peek! This is my "BetaSite" if you will. Giving BandZoogle a try, and I'm already liking the look SO much better than my Wordpress site. Wordpress - a great site for blogging but perhaps nothing else. Although, I did hear that it was better if you went with .org rather than .com, and I went .com. Maybe that's where I went wrong.
Please sign up for my mailing list! I have a lot of fun things to share coming up, and I even have a surprise for you in the next week or two!

Just a brief aside: Does the fact that I wanted to end this post with "Ugga mugga," mean I watch too much Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood with my 10 month old daughter? UGGA MUGGA! :D

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